How To Safely Boost Your Magnesium Level

So much has been said about vitamins when it comes to daily supplements that often we leave out how important minerals are. Magnesium is a vital mineral and electrolyte found in every cell of the body, involved in hundreds of chemical reactions making it a very important nutrient we need on daily basis. It plays a crucial role in our nerve and muscle function, bone health, mood balance, brain function. It is key to vitamin D absorption.

Some nutritionists believe that it is the most important nutrient for today’s stressful environment. As we live busy lifestyle and follow so many diets we often have a mineral imbalance. Many people tend to get less Magnesium than they need.

It is hard to notice if you have magnesium deficiency since the symptoms include twitching eye, bedtime cramps, muscle stiffness, headache and can be easily ignored or confused with other health issues.

It is pretty challenging to get an adequate daily intake with food especially if you skip meals or follow strict diet but adding healthy, wholesome foods should be your first resort to get the vital mineral. Add magnesium to your daily diet by eating more leafy greens (the darker the better), pumpkin seeds, dark chocolate, black beans, quinoa, avocado, cashews and fish such as Makarel and Salmon.

A safe and easy way to boost your magnesium level is to take an Epsom salt bath. The skin is our largest organ of absorption . What goes through our skin ends up in our body. So adding Epsom salt known as Magnesium Sulfate will not only feel like a spa day but is very good for your health.

Magnesium rich bath can help relax the muscles and give us a better sleep at night but also energize us and boost exercise performance if taken during the day. Great to relive PMS symptoms in women. And it is also believed that having the right level of magnesium in your body can fight depression. So why not give it a try!

How To Do The Bath for the most benefits

Add 3-5 cups of Epsom salt in your tub

+ 1 cut Baking Soda

When doing this type of bath skip the bubbles and all other fancy bath additions such as bath bombs. Those are loaded with sulfates, colors and other unnecessary ingredients. Just use plain Epsom salt. If it is too boring you can add some essential oils to the salt before you put it in the water. Mix the salt and the oils so they can combine and infuse the water rather than the oils just sit on top. Also adding a cup of baking soda will help soften the water and neutralize it. As a lot of the city water that runs in our households is really high in chemicals. We want our skin and body to absorb the beneficial mineral rather than any other harmful chemicals that could potentially go into our system.

A set of the most popular essential oils

And that is it! It is that simple 🙂

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