How to fight winter dry skin

Skin that starts getting dryer and dryer as temperatures drop is not only unattractive but could be very uncomfortable. And I am not talking about light feeling of dryness but the one that makes you itchy, gives you that burning feeling , red bumps and patches appear on your body and you just don’t know how to deal with it because you have tried every product that promises deep hydration but nothing seems to work.

As someone that has sensitive skin that gets super dry in the winter I can tell you it is always a struggle for me to get through those winter months. But with a lot of trail and error I now manage to get my skin to somewhat healthy state and relieve all the uncomfortable issues that usually arise during that time of the year. It is this very simple routine that has been working with great results and I am here to share.

First I want to start with what you should be avoiding or minimizing in order to keep your skin’s natural moisture under control. Hot showers and bubble baths are unfortunately your enemy. I know a nice, long bubble bath when it’s cold outside sounds amazing but the hot water and the artificial ingredients in the bubbles could really worsen the health of your skin. If you really want to pamper yourself with a relaxing bath though, use Epsom salt, baking soda, essential oils and coconut oil instead of bath bombs or bubble gel, and fill the tub with lukewarm water. (Skip the pink bubbles for some other time.)

One very beneficial thing that you can do for your skin is exfoliating! Even though you might be skipping this step just because your skin feels sensitive and you are afraid to irritate it but the importance of exfoliating is still in effect as any other time of the year. I feel like most of us tend to exfoliate our bodies in the Spring and Summer when our skin is more exposed and we feel the need to have that smooth, silky skin. And then Winter comes we bundle up and kind of put this extra step away . But it is still an essential step for the health of our skin . Our skin renews daily and sheds the old cells, some of those loose skin cells might be washing away in the shower but a lot of them just get trapped on the surface, causing clogged pores, uneven dry patches and affecting our detoxification through the skin. Sloughing off those dead skin cells will not only diminish the look of that ashy skin but will make the products used afterwards penetrate deeper and do their magic.

The exfoliation in the winter should be a little bit more gentle though.

I stay away from rough exfoliating mitts that I usually use to remove old fake tan, also keeping my hands off very abrasive products. Dry skin brushing is my number one way to exfoliate year round plus it has all other kind of benefits. And doing it after a long day in a chilly winter evening actually feels so good and relaxing because it warms your whole body up and helps minimize the stress. Try to find a natural soft bristle brush and use gentle upward strokes or small circles. It helps brush away skin that is dead and dry , leaving fresh skin, unclogging the pores and making the moisturizer applied later go on smoother. Another reason this is my exfoliating method of choice is because it doesn’t involve any artificial products that tend to irritate my already sore skin even more.

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Next I am very carful of the products I use to clean my skin. For my body I use a paraben free shower gel and try to stay away from highly fragrant products. Same goes for the face. A mild cleanser that doesn’t sud and doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight is what I look for.

I am currently using shower gel by Bondi Sands that I find is mild enough to do the job. It has Ph balanced formula that is gentle on the skin and fortified with Aloe Vera and Coconut.

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And for my face I use Evoluderm wash that is creamy and non irritating. This french brand is very inexpensive and of a really high quality. I get it at Marshalls. Couldn’t find the same one online but here is another one that’s in my rotation.

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Moisturizing is what makes the uncomfortable itchy feeling go away. This is the step I never skip!

I will share my holy grail moisturizing products . And I have tried a lot. I find many of the high end brands feel luxurious and smell nice but don’t really give me that moisture and relief I need. So I use a drugstore, affordable, tried and tested products. Nivea Original Body lotion is the one that really hydrates my body and keeps it nice and moisturized for long. Not only it makes the tight skin feeling go away but it gives a nice glow to the skin making it appear healthy and glowing.

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And for the face is a bit different story, especially during the day. If you wear makeup, it’s hard to combine it with very heavy moisturizer .But you do need to change your face skincare according to the season. If you are still using that gel like moisturizer that you loved a month ago and wondering why your skin feels rough?? Time to put it away! Afraid to get oil based serums because you are prone to breakouts? Get something that is lightweight but has moisturizing properties, something that is fragrance free and oil free.

I love this one from First Aid Beauty

It is face and body moisturizer, doesn’t really moisturize my body enough but works great on my face. Feels really light , goes well under makeup and gives me enough moisture during the day.

And at night is when I like to add extra moisture especially on my face. The last step in my skin routine is Weleda Skin Food. It doesn’t replace my moisturizer or any of my skincare products. I usually use it as a last step after my serums/oils and moisturizer to seal everything in. It is a very rich cream that acts like barrier and doesn’t let all the moisture added with other products evaporate. I would highly recommend this product especially if you sleep in heated room that usually makes the air extra dry and this affect the health of the skin in a negative way.

l use a very small amount of the cream, warm it up in between my fingers and gently tap around my eyes, my mouth and a bit on the cheeks. This cream is multi purpose and great for the whole body so I sometimes use it on my hands and any other part I need extra help.

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A little reminder to drink plenty of water to hydrate inside out and don’t forget the use of SPF on all areas that are exposed.

And one last thing is invest in a humidifier. It is a great way to add humility that leaves your home the moment you turn the heater on. It’s beneficial not only for your beauty but your health as well.

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