Tabouli Salad | Summer Salad

I am visiting my family in Bulgaria for the summer and one of my favorite things here is the abundance of fresh and organic seasonal fruit and veggies. My grandma has her own small veggie garden and I have been making a lot of different salads. In the hot summer days I rarely consume meat but not all the salads can substitute a full meal for me. But this one is great because it is filling. It has been on repeat the past week because it is easy and refreshing! I pick all the veggies from my grandma’s garden which makes it extra fresh, but store bought ingredients will do the job as well. This salad is really rich in vitamins from the parsley, mint and lemon juice. It might or might not be traditional but I like adding cucumbers. Screams summer to me.


Parsley is the main ingredient, it what gives the flavor.Two bunches will do. Chop it finely.

5-7 leaves of mint, finely chopped . This adds so much freshness to the salad.

2-3 cucumbers finely diced

2 medium size tomatoes finely diced

I use 1/2 cup bulgur wheat and soak it in water until soft and tender about 30 min.


Freshly squeezed juice, salt, pepper and olive oil. I go heavy on the lemon juice , but it all depends on your taste.

Mix all the ingredients pour the dressing. And voila!

After dressing it I put it in the fridge for 20-30 min to chill and absorb the dressing. Tastes so much better!

I like enjoying it by itself or as a side to meats or sandwiches. Great as an appetizer along wit hummus and other dips.

Author: ivelinaangel

Nice to meet you, I’m Iva! A passionate healthy lifestyle girl . Here you can find easy and healthy meal ideas, you can learn how to shake up a great cocktail, how to do a salon like beauty treatments at home , how to be boujee on a budget and just live your best life ! I have a YouTube channel and I make videos every week. But I feel like with a blog I can share more! Thanks for visiting!!!

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