Best Self Tanners Review 2022! I have tested over 50

Are you ready to get bronzed before your summer vacay? Or just because you want to look and feel better. Whatever the reason I got a list of my favorite self tanners that never disappoint me.

A classic that will always be in my bathroom cabinet. Great for people that want a perfect glow but are not ready to get a very dark dramatic result. I have used it for quite some time and even though I have other favorites I tend to go back to this especially in the winter months when a very bronzed look will be a bit too unnatural. I also use it on my face and never get irritation, breakouts or clogged pores. Amazing color pay off. This is the only body self tanner that I trust for my face. And I also like the fact that it is not very dark. So whichever from the list below I have on my body. St Tropez classic bronzing mousse is on my face!

St Tropez Classic Mousse

This is by far my favorite one for deep, bronzed look. In my opinion it gives me the best color. Nothing can beat it. Very luxurious product and easy to apply and smells great.

St Tropez in Dark

When it comes to the face I sometimes use body self tanners oops… but if you have sensitive skin I would highly recommend one designed for the face. This serum from St Tropez combines a great color self tanner with some amazing skin benefits.

St Tropez Bronzing Serum

Bondi Sands has great quality self tanners on a very affordable price (compared to other self tanners in the same category). Great deep bronze color. If you want to look like you spend a week on the Caribbean this is your secret weapon. Smells like a tropical dessert and easy to work with.

Bondi Sands

Loving Tan is highly rated and there is a reason for it. A natural color pay off that never looks fake or orange. Gives just the right amount of bronziness and mimics the vacation look with a breeze. Very easy to apply. Great self tanner and beginner friendly.

Loving Tan Deluxe Mousse

My newest addition that ranked at my top is the St Tropez Classic in Lotion form. Same great color as the mousse but a different form. I love having options and this one has been on rotation lately. Gives me very nice color. Not overly dark but enough to see my inner golden goddess coming through 😉 When it comes to being tanned sometimes it’s more about how you feel. Tan gives me so much confidence!

St Tropez Classic Tan Lotion

And the last but surely not least is a gradual self tanner from , sorry, again, St Tropez. I just love and trust that brand when it comes to faux tan. They certainly know what they are doing. This gradual self tanner lotion is great for beginners or people that want to control the darkness of the final result. Builds a stunning color slowly. You can stop once you achieve the desired look or you can just skip a day and layer afterwards. I have tried it on my face with great results. I love this lotion in the winter. For warmer months I am more impatient and want a quicker results. But this product is a must have for me.

St Tropez Gradual Self Tan Lotion

If you guys are uninterested in this topic I have some videos on YouTube reviewing and applying some of those self tanners. Make sure to check them and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE and support me there.

Thank you so much 🤍

Xoxo Iva

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