Correcting the MISTAKES I MADE WITH Intermittent Fasting

Happy New Year!!!

Towards the end of last year I started incorporating a new healthier eating routine and I am determined to continue throughout the new year.

I have been doing intermittent fasting for a while now. I trained my body and now it is a lifestyle. For those of you that aren’t familiar intermittent fasting is not a diet but a change in the eating habit, more specifically change in the time that you are eating your meals. You allow between 14 to 16 hours between your last meal in the evening and your first meal the next day. This allows your body to fully digest the food and start repairing other cells. And with this routine the healthy part of my eating habit ends.

Having my breakfast around noon doesn’t really leave time for me to have lunch. I don’t feel hungry around that time , and in the most cases I am already busy and in the middle of something and this meal just doesn’t fit in my day. So I started skipping it . I would grab a snack , candy, piece of fruit anything handy and easy to suppress my hunger until dinner. But in a long run I was doing a bad damage to my health and overall well being. By missing a full meal my body started lacking key nutrition. My two main meals weren’t enough for me to consume the daily dose of protein, vitamins and minerals. And I decided it was time for me to start taking care of my health.

I still do intermittent fasting on most days. But I’m trying to incorporate lunch into my days and add extra nutrients to each meal I eat throughout the day. I try to sneak in extra greens, seeds, protein wherever I can. I am proud of myself for the past couple of weeks. I try to make easy, healthy and full of nutrition meals and I have been on a roll.

I also filmed a video on YouTube that has some great and easy meal ideas that are full of healthy ingredients.

My advice to you is do not strictly follow any diet if it does not make you feel good but most importantly listen to your own body. If you feel low on energy, irritated, not getting restful sleep, if your skin looks dull, your hair lacks shine and your nails get brittle it is time to change your diet.

Author: ivelinaangel

Nice to meet you, I’m Iva! A passionate healthy lifestyle girl . Here you can find easy and healthy meal ideas, you can learn how to shake up a great cocktail, how to do a salon like beauty treatments at home , how to be boujee on a budget and just live your best life ! I have a YouTube channel and I make videos every week. But I feel like with a blog I can share more! Thanks for visiting!!!

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