How Coconut Oil Hair Mask Overnight Saved my damaged hair

The past few months my hair was getting super dry, brittle, tangled, a lot of split ends and on top of all that I was loosing more hair than usual. Having thick and hard to manage hair is not fun sometimes. This means planning your washing days, having sore arms after a blow dry, never been able to do certain hair styles and many more inconveniences …But I was used to that and it was kind of natural for me. When I started running hands through my hair and feeling how thin it was getting is when I started appreciating it even more. I started freaking out!!!

I also have a video if you are not into reading you can click and watch it

I figured it was time to take special care. In cases like this I try to minimize all the chemical products so I reached out to my all time trusted natural product Coconut oil. I did give this treatment some time to really see results. I have been doing it for over 3 months. So now speaking and reverting results with confidence.

My goal was to do it once a week, but since it’s a little time consuming I do miss a week here and there.

I started noticing great results right away. My hair gets super shiny, less frizzy and soft with every application. But with continual use I started seeing deeper results. I am getting a lot of new hair growth, my hair does feel and look much better and my scalp is healthier as well. One thing that I wasn’t really looking into but I I have been noticing , my hair is growing really fast. This was never an issue for me but it’s very noticeable. It could be from the massage I perform every time I apply the oil. It’s believed that doing so helps with hair growth but it is not scientifically proven. Well it seems to work for me. I just cut 3-4 inches and need to see the hair dresser again lol.

I still have some days that I loose more hair than I want to but with the new hair growth it gives me hope that I can get my thick hair back.


I do it on dirty hair when I need to shower. I take a little bit coconut oil, warm it in my hands and start applying it. I first do the roots, since they are the source of new hair growth. I spread it around my scalp and I also perform a gentle massage using the tips of my fingers. The massage helps with spreading the product but it also loosens any dead skin cells. Plus it brings blood to the scalp and helps with the blood circulation. I then apply a generous amount oil all over the length of my hair. Twisted in a bun and put it up with a hair clip. In order to not mess my pillow cases I put an old t shirt over the pillow.

Sleep like this and in the morning I shower . I apply a little bit of shampoo on the length of my hair before I wet it. This helps break up the oil and makes it easier to wash out. I shampoo once and put on conditioner. If my hair feels super greasy I shampoo second time but use very minimal amount of product. Then I treat my hair as usual.


I use Organic Unrefined Virgin Coconut oil.

The same one I use for cooking. I do believe that the cleaner the product the better the results would be.

One downside of this whole treatment is that I need to plan my hair washing a bit. I usually shower at night so I have to make sure that I can wash my hair before I start my day. But I will definitely keep doing it!

I hope you guys find this helpful and try it for yourself if you have any hair issues or concerns.

Author: ivelinaangel

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