Plumper Lips at Home with 2 ingredients

If you are looking to get plumper and juicier lips but are not ready do go full force and get a lip filler keep reading and thank me later.

I will share with you a DIY lip plumper that compared to the store bought ones will really give you an instant and visible result. Not only it will make them look bigger but it will give them flushed color, kind of the perfect color that compliments your complexion.

The ingredients are super simple and easy to find. All you need is a regular lip balm or good old Vaseline and the second ingredient is Cinnamon essential oil.

These are the products I use- Blistex : Cinnamon Essential oil:

All you need is add few drops of the essential oil to the lip balm or Vaseline and mix it all in.

Here is a link to my video on YouTube where you can watch the process and the result but if you want to know how to make it keep reading

I normally use a lip balm that comes in a pot like Blistex or Carmex . But if you are going to use Vaseline find a small container because you will need to mix it in. Scoop out a little Vaseline and put it in the container or directly add it to the lip balm Of your choice . I start with about 5-7 drops of cinnamon extract. Be really careful and don’t let the plain cinnamon touch your skin it can burn it, mixing it with the lip balm is diluting its strength . Mix it all really good and use a q-tip to apply it on the lips. I would recommend to not use your fingers because you can touch your eyes or nose afterwards and it won’t feel pleasant. You will see instant result, your lips will feel a little tingling, burning sensation and they will get pink. At this point depending how it feels and looks you can add few more drops to the mixture. Just to make it stronger but don’t add more than 10 drops. Don’t think that the more you add the bigger they will get the only thing that can happen is to burn your lips.

You can use this mixture over and over again but with time the cinnamon will slowly evaporate. When you feel and see it doesn’t work the same just add more cinnamon. The same way, few drops at at time and mix it.

That is the whole trick not much more to say it’s super simple but effective . If you try it let me know how it worked?

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