Spice up your day with a Jalapeño Margarita

Hi Everyone,

You can never go wrong with a margarita!Now that summer is just around the corner I want to share my favorite drink of the moment.⠀spicy margarita 🌶It’s refreshing and not too sweet and that is exactly how I like my cocktails!

And here is the recipe:

• muddled jalapeño ⠀⠀

• 1 part tequila ⠀⠀

• 2 parts fresh lime juice ⠀⠀

• ice & salt⠀⠀

• garnish with jalapeño & cilantro ⠀

And don’t forget to add the final touch – a paper straw. Safe the planet and be stylish. 

Enjoy responsibly,

xoxo Iva

Author: ivelinaangel

Nice to meet you, I’m Iva! A passionate healthy lifestyle girl . Here you can find easy and healthy meal ideas, you can learn how to shake up a great cocktail, how to do a salon like beauty treatments at home , how to be boujee on a budget and just live your best life ! I have a YouTube channel and I make videos every week. But I feel like with a blog I can share more! Thanks for visiting!!!

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